I was watching a Kannada serial when my brother in law came home. After a while, when he saw that I wouldn’t change the channel, he said ‘Akka, why are you watching serial? It is for ladies who stay at home’
Before I could even think of what to say, Ammu responded ‘ R uncle.. today mamma was at home only!!!’

LOL!!Β  I had ‘worked from home’ that day..


Me looking at sis2’s desktop ‘What is all this? Why is your desktop so crowded?’
Ammu *spontaneously* : ‘She has so much work to do, Mumma!!’

Kya logic hai πŸ™„


Adi’s reading skills..

Spelling the name on the freshener pack : A I R W I C K is Nicee smellll !!!

Reading the name on a CD cover : P R I YA S I S T E R SΒ  is Priya.. darshini !!! * he recognizes the first part ofΒ  my name and appended the second part to it* πŸ™‚


This morning, Adi says to sis2 ‘Chitti, today also is your birthday!’ He contines.. ‘Your birthday cake is still there in the fridge. So today also.. it is your birthday :)’

Sis2 loved this reasoning and said she’ll preserve at least a lil bit of the cake for as long as possible πŸ˜‰


Have a sooper weekend folks πŸ™‚