Ammu is in the 3rd standard now. And, no matter how cliched it sounds… ‘time does fly’.

In fact, I’m even wondering how so much time has passed since I last visited my blog.. let alone posted something or even tweeked something as in colour, theme, background..

So.. it was a very exciting first day of school! I went to her school to pick her up.. and that was one more reason for her excitement 🙂 And she talked and talked..

Some snippets..

– Mumma, we have a new teacher. Her name is… umm… I forgot. It starts from M.. Madhu i think… she is very nice mumma. She didnt scold anyone at all. She talks so softly and sweetly mumma…

– Mumma, U is in my class only *he’s her friend since LKG*. But why he has to keep teasing me..

– Mumma, S is also in my class. She is my friend. You know, in 2nd standard, no one was her friend. And they all told me not to be her friend. They said they’ll not talk to me if I’m her friend. Let them not talk.. why should I not be her friend?

– Mumma, A is in another section again. *she’s her friend since play school and they’d both joined the same ‘big’ school * B also is in another section *B is her close friend from 2nd standard*

– Mumma, maths is so nice! * me surprised* Our new teacher showed us such easy steps mumma. I like maths now!! *Bless the teacher*

As of now, the lessons are underway. She is happy to do her homework. But suggest anything beyond that.. like revision, discussion or writing and she’ll declare war!! Sometimes, I’m able to coax her.. but mostly I’m out of energy.. mentally.

She was very excited to learn the Hindi poem. Recites well but loses her patience when it comes to writing. And then, it all seems so difficult for her. I hope she’ll hang in and get around to enjoying the learning.

In case you are wondering about Adi, I do not have much details. His grandparents are in town. And we’ve been seeing very less of him after that trip to Mysore. We so miss his funny lines and the liveliness that his presence lends to our home..

Some snippets from our phone conversations..

– Bomma, I’m seeing TV.. let didi also to see TV till 12’O clock.. OK?

– Bomma, I’m eating mango. Give to didi also. If she has cough.. give her only one piece..

– Thata, i am going to Shiva temple. My little puppy is waiting for me, and i need to give him biscuits. If i dont go early someone will take him and go.. so i will talk later bye.

The weekend is here. And, we have our first PTA meeting of this year scheduled for tomorrow. Looking forward to a not-so-hectic weekend.

Happy weekend to you all !! Take care folks 🙂