Water colours and crafts are the highlights at home..this summer.

Last summer, Ammu attended drawing and art n craft classes at summer camp in her school. This year we could not send the kids to summer camp due to logistical problems. But they sure are enjoying this unstructured routine. Though of course there is a routine.. eat-play, draw/paint- play, sleep- play, cycling-play, watch cartoon-play, clay dough- play 😉

I was also inspired enough to try my hand at some long pending craft projects..

Last weekend, I made this pedestal for the idol of Goddess Saraswati. Sis1 got this idol for Ammu, from her Kolkata trip last year. And Ammu is particular that this be placed on her desk.

This weekend, I made the pen/pencil holders using Ammu’s bangles .. those that dont fit her now 🙂

This one is a bangle stand. Made the head part using some cotton wrapped in gauze/bandage cloth. Stuck a bundle of embroidery thread for the hair and some craft flowers to go with it. Outlined the brows and mouth using acrylic colours. Googly eyes completes the picture 🙂

For the neck portion, I stuck the base of the head into a cylinder made of construction paper. And wrapped it with some beaded jewellery. Ammu’s of course 😉

The bangle holder is again a cylinder made of construction paper, mounted on a circular base [discarded lid of a body cream box]. The holder is slightly larger in circumference than the neck, so that the neck fits onto the holder.

This is how the holder looks without the bangles.

And now.. with the bangles 🙂 Lovely.. isnt it!!

Linking this bangle holder to the Shruti’s April challenge at Artsy Craftsy Mom!!

Edited to add:

Linking the pedestal craft [the first two pics] to the September Challenge at Artsy Craftsy Mom.