Card love!

Ammu loves to make cards 🙂 And not just the regular ones using chart paper. She can just colour a paper from her notebook.. add some words.. and lo! it becomes a card 😀 Ammu also loves to give notes now n then… love notes, sorry notes and so on.

I have a sizable collection of these already.. and they will all go into a scrapbook that I’ve been planning to make. I just can’t let go of all these cute lil bits 🙂

I remember making cards when I was in school/college. But am not sure where she got it from!

Once, she got a last minute invite for a birthday party in the apartment. I quickly stuck some stickers onto a chart paper and made a card. And was she impressed or what!!

Now, after so many sessions of art n craft with her.. she goes.. ‘mamma we can keep this.. maybe we can use it for some craft’ 😛

Here are a few of her recent cards that I managed to take pics of..

This card, we made for Adi’s birthday in 2011. I cut out the butterflies and hearts from an old card and helped her stick them. Rest of the stuff she did on her own.

Check out the drawing and words on the inside. BTW, she calls him Sweetu 🙂 when in her most generous and loving mood!!

The card she made for sis1’s birthday in Feb.

This one.. we made using pencil shavings.

These she made using the paper stencils that I had made for my heart craft project! Cute.. aren’t they 🙂

Now, Adi has caught on to this and keeps making scraps for his baba and mamma. Scribbles a drawing on a piece of paper and adds the recipient’s name. Sometimes, he’s generous and makes those for the others as well 😀 Looks like we’ll need a a lot of space to store this treasure!!

Looking to introduce her to more variety in card making. Should plan a visit to the craft supplies store.

The vacations are under way. The kids are enjoying themselves playing, cycling, watching their favourite cartoon and art/craft programs. Reading. And being read to. Savoring their ice creams, fruits, fruit juices..  generally, just chilling out!!

Happy vacation to the kids out there and also to those who bagged themselves a vacation 🙂 For the rest of us .. here’s to a happy weekend!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. She is one creative n artistic gal…how quickly she comes up with such lovely artsy stuff with her spontaneous ideas!!!


    1. Yeah.. sure planning to introduce her to the many ways of card making that are found on the net. She’ll be excited!
      Thanks Aswathy 🙂


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