Fun times :)

Its the last day of this academic year.. for Ammu n Adi! In fact, its over already..  they must be back home and enjoying their nap 🙂 The last two weeks were quite easy on me.. as BIL1 had taken up the responsibility for making them read and revise their lessons.  He was a very relieved person yesterday 😀

Though, of course, it was not ‘all study and no play’. With the change in weather, they’ve enjoyed eating their fruit and curd, have had fun playing outside. Ammu was most relieved to skip the sweater and scarf routine!

And, art n craft is always a favorite here 🙂

Origami dolls that Ammu made for my Sis1 and BIL on their marriage anniversary.

Initially, she made one for sis. When I told her that the occasion was their marriage anniversary, she made another one and stuck them together. Cute thinking 🙂 Aint it!

Wishes .. on the back of the dolls 🙂

Then, she was inspired enough to make them again using craft paper..

The next weekend, we started out to make a book mark. I had kept a wedding card safely for this purpose 🙂 It was cream colored with flowers designed on the outer edge. It cut these sides and used them for the book mark.

Since it is spring time.. I was inspired to make it colourful. Ammu did most of the colouring… coloured the flowers and leaves with crayons and did the outline using sketch pens.

Then she proceeded to make an Origami parrot, from instructions in her Art/Craft book. I had been looking at some Origami stuff on the net and that inspired her I guess 🙂 The dolls too she had made looking at the instructions in her book.

And, I tried my hand at paper quilling for the first time..

Just used some strips cut out of the craft paper. Felt nice and relaxed after the craft session as Ammu also enjoyed herself all the while 🙂

Linking this to Shruti’s March Artsy Craftsy challenge – “Origami”… for the Origami dolls and the Origami parrot. I’m so happy that I’ve actually taken pictures and uploaded them well before the deadline 😉

There are more pics of cards that Ammu has made. Will put them up next.

Its a long weekend. Yay!!

Ushering in the new year with Ugadi tomorrow. Happy Ugadi to all of you!! And have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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