Ammu: Thata you should live for hunndredd years!! with great emphasis on 100 πŸ™‚

Adi : No thata..

Dad: Then, how many years should I live?

Adi: One thousand and ten years!!!


Lil while later.. dad picks up a steel tumbler that is fallen down. And somehow it slightly hits Adi on the head. Adi thinks thata hit him for not picking up the tumbler. Upset, he saysΒ  ‘thata i will beat you when i become big’. yeah.. they both say that to their thata when they’re really upset 😦 . He’s not convinced when dad says that he didn’t hit intentionally.

Seeing this, Ammu pulls thata closer and reassures ‘ Dont worry thata.. he doesnt know that you wont be there when he grows up!!’
Hows that for being frank and straight forward.
Dad was laughing out loud while narrating this to us. We all joined in. But were dumbstruck at the truth /possibility being told in such a simple manner.


Ammu always expresses that she wants to be with me only and that I should be there with her always.


Ammu: ‘Mamma you should eat well like thata. You should live till 65 years! With me..’ 65 is dad’s age.. probably a kind of benchmark for her..

Looks like, in her tiny head, she’s been thinking about eating, being healthy, death in terms of their inter relatedness. Tales of ‘Mamma was not very strong because mamma was sick for some timeΒ  and mamma was not eating properly’ and ‘Avva, my mom, died coz she was sick and became very weak’ are what made her think so, I suppose.


Ammu has always been very attached to me. But now, she’s becoming even more clingy and wants me to be around as much as possible. She does not like to go and stay over at Adi’s without me!

‘Mamma you should have been a teacher in our school. Then we could go together and come together’ This has been on her mind since she was in UKG!!

Recently though.. she says ‘you should have been in the 8th or 9th and we could go together to school’ Gosh πŸ™„ Childhood and school is nice n all.. but cant think of going thru those grueling times again!!


Here’s one that takes the cake..
Ammu: ‘Mamma why I am still in 2nd standard. Maybe i should have been in 8th or at least 5th!’
Me: ‘How is that possible’
Ammu: ‘I could have gone to school even before I was born mamma’ looks like she just wants to get done with it.

I dont understand how they are capable of even imagining such things πŸ˜€ πŸ™„


Adi talks n talks n talks… Its a treat to listen to him. Especially when he talks big and with an air of self righteousness. Mostly we have to forcibly control our laughter he thinks we’re laughing at him or we turn away πŸ˜€

Some day, Ammu and Adi were not agreeing on the game to be played. When one suggested something, the other refused. This went on for some time. Finally,

Adi *pointing to himself*: ‘God made me with so much difficulty and you are not agreeing to play with me’. Now! what was that!!

I was dumbstruck … how he comes up with such lines. Cannot imagine where he could have heard such a thing!!!

On the whole, he keeps us and our minds active while he is around. Volumes would have been filled if only I was able to keep up with him and record all the funny and insightful things that he says and does πŸ˜€


This happened when Ammu was maybe 3 or 4 years. We were looking at our pics from college days and those from before my marriage. Ammu liked the pics of Diwali celebrations and asks where she is. And even before I could answer, said.. ‘Oh! I was in your tummy na mamma!!’

Even now, that is her assumption. She has been in my tummy always!.. before she came into this world. Somehow, this thought warms me up and brings on a smile πŸ™‚

Thought of writing this down after reading Comfy’s post.