Here are a few pics that BIL clicked at the ‘Show n Tell’ last week.

Adi's - Traffic signal and road safety
A park
Swimming pool
Close up of the pools 🙂
Domestic animals and Wild animals
Another one .. of the roads n traffic signal
The Solar System
Ammu's - The Moon

Ammu was down with fever that night. She did not go to school at the usual time. We took her along with us when we went. In the little time that she was there, she talked about the Moon and its phases to a few parents who looked interested and to her thata, who was beaming!!

Dad went around listening to all that each of the kids had to tell and left them with a dose of encouragement!! He’s been like this with our friends too.. always encouraging.. with a smile!! A contrast to most fathers, who were usually the ‘strict’ type..

Adi was a bit cranky… may be after he saw his dad… he was insisting that his dad to be with him. He posed for a couple of pics though 🙂

We toured just a few classes this time. And clicked fewer pics 😐  We were more anxious to get to the doctor and that kind of curbed our enthusiasm at the school.

For pics of the event from previous years..

Show n Tell 2009

Show n Tell 2010

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pics 🙂