Friday Flowers!

Hope the year has started off on a promising note!!  It has, for me 🙂

Some new beginnings taking shape… looking forward to see where the path takes me… both inwardly and outwardly… Hoping the journey will be a good one!!

Wish you all a fabulous 2012!!

The weekend’s here. Its ‘Show n Tell’ time at the school tomorrow. The school atmosphere will be vibrant, with enthusiastic teachers, kids showcasing their projects and excited parents milling around!! Hope to have a good time and get some good clicks 🙂

Have a great weekend folks !!

10 thoughts on “Friday Flowers!

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  1. have fun 🙂 and that water lillie beautiful .. fingers crossed this year the ones in my pond will grow and not die as they do evertime ..

    Happy new year to you toooo


  2. Loved the flower in the pic. Where did you shoot it?
    Glad to know the new year started on a wonderful and promising note for you. May the good times continue. 🙂
    I have read about ‘Show and tell’ in so many books. Always thought it was a lovely concept. Didn’t know that schools in India practised it too. Great to know that they do. 🙂


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