We made a Christmas tree during the Christmas weekend πŸ™‚ Had wanted to try this one since a long time! This too done by jugaad πŸ™‚

Made the tree based on the one found here . I had seen this one many years ago but had’nt made a tree till now. It immediately came to mind when I saw Shruti’s Dec theme for Artsy Craftsy πŸ™‚ Glad that I could find the link to share with you all!

I used the already used up handmade paper for making the tree. I’ve made some modifications to the shape… just drew it free hand… also i did not have exact rectangular ones as I cut it out from an earlier school project. Cut out the 2 pieces and put them together to get the 3 D tree.

Then, I and Ammu, made the ornaments using play dough and painted them with glitter glue. And stuck them up randomly. Ammu was excited and generous enough to lend her play dough for this project! While Adi looked on patiently πŸ˜‰ he was waiting for a chance to lay his hands on the tree πŸ˜€

Tied some golden balls that had fallen off from a Santa cap, onto a golden thread.. this one from an old wedding card and stuck that to the tree as well.

Eventually, sis2 who had been watching all this, was inspired. She joined in to make the gifts and the snowman that are kept under the tree!! These too made using play dough and glitter glue for the decoration.

Everyone was super excited on seeing the final outcome, done fittingly on Christmas day!! All in all, it was an exciting and enjoyable time with the kids who loved the Christmas tree!!

P.S: This is a post from the drafts. Missed linking it due to delay in uploading the pic …

P.P.S: Its been 3 awesome years of blogging!! YAY!!!