.. that are not so tiny after all…

There were a bunch of videos waiting to be converted to CDs. Some were 3 yrs old. Thats how much we’d been procrastinating on that ‘to do’, for any number of reasons… obviously. However, this is not about the reasons but about the CDs πŸ™‚ Finally got them done…

Past week saw me watching these videos first thing when I got back home. Bliss!! watching the two kids while they were still little and more so coz they themselves were watching!! and going awww over each other πŸ™‚

One scene, during Diwali 2008, where Adi’s walking to and fro with encouragement from all of us… he’d just started walking then. One particular time he’s just walking to the one whoever-was-doing-the-recording. Watching it, he asks, Bomma why i’m not going to didi? I was soooo awed by this sweet lil innocent question of his. In his tiny lil mind he’s so sure that the only direction he would go towards is to his didi .. why then he’s not headed there!!

I explained to him that it was the handy cam that he wanted to get and so he had walked in that direction and not towards his didi. He seemed to understand… but wasn’t quite satisfied with my answer though! It looked like he was thinking ‘how ridiculous !!’

At one point, he said ‘ I always want to go to didi only. I always like didi only’. Saying this, he hugged her and showered her with kisses πŸ™‚

I had expected to relive cute moments watching the videos… but to recreate magic moments like this… totally unexpected, totally charming, totally awwwww!!! Felt truly blessed and full of love and gratitude… a feeling that no words can completely express!!!

Another memorable scene.. he’s got presents on his b’day 2010. He’s curious to know whats in a particular pack. But the focus shifts to the cake and the scene changes. Now, he’s fidgeting and wants to know what was in that pack. He goes ‘i want to see my giftttt’ thinking that we have changed something or done something so that he’s not able to see what was in there πŸ™„

Moral: Cute scenes are almost always followed with ‘tantrumy’ scenes… bringing us back to earth… with a bang! Package it is… sigh!! πŸ™‚


Last night, Ammu said ‘Mamma, at first there was only one mamma and one daddy. Then their babies had babies.. and so on.. isnt it?Β  So all of us in this world are friends na… all those whom we know and even those whom we dont know. All are friends only na mamma?’

I don’t recollect how the topic came about…I have never spoken to her about this. And, she tellsΒ  no one told her this! Lil mind… big thoughts. I’m totally amazed at how simple this seems to her and how accepting she is!!


It was their school’sΒ  Annual day on the 6th of Nov. Adi’s first stage performance! Danced enthusiastically to the song ‘bum bum bole’ from ‘Taare Zameen par’. It was a totally cute and energetic performance by the tiny tots!! Adi was so very excited when they were done. But his excitement seemed to be so much more more when he saw his didi dancing on stage!! When we all gathered outside the auditorium later on.. he ran towards her and hugged and kissed her excitedly!!! Didi’s fan he is … totally!! πŸ˜€