Dasara update – late but never the less πŸ™‚
Had a relaxed vacation in Mysore. Went out in the evenings to watch the illuminated streets and the milling crowds. There was aΒ  festive ambiance all around which is exciting all the same.. year after year! Visited the Durga puja organised by the Bengalis association, the illuminated Mysore palace, the flower show and the Dasara exhibition.

For Diwali, we managed to make Besan laddoos that was planned and a few savouries just on the fly!! A hectic day 1 that was. Pooja in the evening and diyas all lit… we got ready for the crackers bursting session that was awaited eagerly by the kids. This time both of them willingly went and lit the ‘Flower pots’ and the ‘chakras’. Adi, in fact, was raring to go… he wanted to burst crackers that go dhaam dhoom!!

Day 2 : I made a DIY curtain with beads and sea shells. Actually, a facelift to an old one, by reusing the shells. Then we all … me, dad, sis1, Bil1, Ammu, Adi and our house help D went to sis2’s place in the evening. Her in-laws were visiting… father, mother, granpa, brother, his wife n daughter. It was a huge family get-to-gether of sorts!! And bursting of a lotttt of crackers… the kids were over the moon!

Day 3: I alone had to go to work; attendance at office was hardly 10%!! Again, crackers bursting session at Sis1’s place πŸ™‚ Also, a day to be marked… coz it was the first time that Ammu stayed at their place after a lottt of coaxing, without me that is… Went back to a lovely glowing home with diyas lit all around, courtesy D! couldnt have been possible with Adi n Ammu around

This Diwali was otherwise low on decor and also I have not been able to click any pics to share…

How was the festive time for all you people? Hope you all had fun n merriment with your loved dear ones!!

Leaving you with some pics of the illuminated main streets of Mysore and of flowers in the Flower show during Dasara.

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For pics of the Mysore palace, from last year..

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  1. πŸ™‚ excellent I will be in mysore in a couple of weeks so tell me what all places to go and look and enjoy … email me πŸ™‚

    beautiful pics .. you had fun πŸ™‚


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