… the phase is where sis n bro look forward to being with each other.

There was a phase just a couple of months ago when Ammu would wait for Adi to go back to his house… she wanted the peace and the people around just for herself. And Adi would just as eagerly want to go to his house. He didnt want to eat, sleep or stay anywhere else! He would just cry out loud if he had to… even eating outside was a no-no for him. His home it should be! 🙄

Now, they want to play all the time. Though they both choose different games, they somehow convince each other and manage to play together. Peace for us… as long as all is well. Of course there are the fighting bouts every once in a while. Especially when we think that they’re doing fine and just step outside their view. In that split second, we hear shouts n wails and have to rush back!! 😯

The cute thing is that they both like to derive fun by sometimes annoying the other. Adi goes tickling her when she still wants to cozy a bit more in the bed, or by touching her stuff. He’s quite brave, in that, he will take her stuff even though he knows he’ll get bashed up if his didi notices him meddling with her stuff. Sometimes he does that just to annoy her. Ammu is no less.. she has her own ways of annoying him and enjoying every bit of it.

Just a couple of days ago, he wanted to play ‘Pataki’. I dunno what it is.. maybe just pretend play with crackers . Its Diwali round the corner right 🙂 So whenever he said sur-sur-batti she promptly said kar-kar-batti which annoyed him no end. He also began wailing. But she was having her fun and wouldnt give up. For us spectators, it was quite an amusement.

The flip side of them being together is that they are not interested in studies most of the time. They promptly finish their homework, if any, and get down to play. That is the only thing they so eagerly look forward to. But then, its a package!! So we just grin and bear and try to think of ways to motivate them to study. Only time will tell how things turn out. Till then, enjoying the amusing brother-sister episodes 😀

P.S: Sur-sur-batti is a crackler/type of firework.