Feeling grateful!

Been reading a lot of stuff related to personal development. It wasn’t a conscious effort on my part.. as in I didn’t go search for stuff. Rather its like my sub conscious self guiding me… The appropriate links just caught my eye and i felt grateful that i was reading all that and that I could connect and learn so much.. and become more and more aware of my own self with each passing day. One thing I’ve realized is that we may know a lot of things but to keep the awareness at all times..we need to put in the effort every time. We need to apply what we know at every step of the way… The road to self discovery, awareness and self management is to be continually worked on…

One other thing I was intent on finding was a way in which i could do my bit. I tried talking to a few people… wondering what i could do within my limitations. The answer was within me all the time… this I realized when I finally awoke to the fact. Immediately, I took my first step of getting the required information to proceed in that direction. Hoping to start out with the initial steps in November.

The first time I signed up for something… it didn’t work out coz i could not attend the induction because of some work related constraint. Later I had felt and accepted that the time had not yet arrived. Ammu needed my time… I could not deny her that at that time. Even now she needs me all the same… but she’s a bit more grown up and has the company of people who care for her. Hoping to work it out in the best possible way.

When I look at these things in totality… I have the feeling that the reading will be of much use to me when I actually do the thing I’m hoping to sign up for. The realization is just amazing… its like the pieces of a jigsaw finally falling in place!!

There is so much that I feel like sharing, writing… but not sure if it will be coherent at all. Just as i feel about this post too. But I had to write it down. And here it is.. I’m just filled with a feeling of gratefulness for all of this, for the way I’m able to hold my own in spite of some developments that threaten to disrupt the inner peace and calm from time to time.

And yes.. the festival season is here and we are off to Mysore. Nothing planned… just to soak in the Dasara ambiance that is so very special in Mysore.

Happy weekend 🙂 Happy Dasara to all you guys. Have lots of fun and merriment!!


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