BIL1[Adi’s dad] : Adi dont go there… if someone takes you away, i’ll be alone  na..

Adi: It is OK. You will get one more Adi.

BIL1: No we wont get another one… there’s only one Adi

Adi: No God will give you another Adi … God knows where the little brain gets such ideas from…

We wondered whether even God can make an exact copy of him… again!!


Adi is not in a very good mood to write.. is just aiming to finish his home work. His baba compares the previous page n says..look you’ve written so neatly..that’s why maam has given you a star..
After finishing, Adi comes to where I’m sitting…

Me: Why didnt you write neatly… you dont like to get a star?

Adi *pauses as if in thought*: Actually I like moon!!


When Adi leaves for his home, from ours… he is grabbed and begged for a kiss 😀 Some days he sweetly obliges and gives a peck to each of us. Some days he teases us by showering his didi with kisses and leaving us all high n dry! The other day..

Me *casually*: How many muttam did you give your didi today?

Adi: I didnt give

Me *surprised* : Why? 

Adi: I will give her next month bomma!! 😆