few precious memories are all that are left now.. to hold and cherish..

Its 12 years to the day you left us. We have grown through the pain and the tears, missing you, needing you… Through the dailyΒ  joys and struggles , the pain seems to have gone… to have been numbed… but still it comes back in full force when we think of you Mummy. Its still there so alive… so real… I don’t think the pain will ever leave us…

One thought that keeps coming back now is that the kids have not even seen you and… have no memories to call their own. They don’t relate to you in a way that relate to their thata. And somehow… it feels so wrong. That you are not here for them.. for us…

P.S: Found this … its so much close to what we’ve felt about you mummy…


18 thoughts on “Memories..

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  1. hugs your way ..

    No the pain never goes away I know of that ..

    I totally understand what you mean about kids not knowing , well its upto you now to Tell the kids about her and make them know her …

    Take care


  2. Hey,

    She is still alive in your memories..
    Just remember the good moments that you spent with her and be happy always..
    That’s what she wants.. A smile on your face πŸ™‚
    Talk to kids about her.. Show them some of her pictures πŸ™‚
    That’s the best you could do to let them know about her πŸ™‚


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