August round up…

August has been quite eventful, especially the latter half…

A trip to Mysore during the 2nd weekend…  celebrated Raksha Bandhan and Independence day. While we were there the kids had a good time at the nearby park. Though the play area is not maintained, the kids love playing with whatever still exists 🙂

Rakhsha bandhan..
Going for the slide...
Raring to go..

Then, the next weekend … it was an impromptu trip to the Golden temple at Sripuram near Vellore. Honestly speaking I had not heard of this temple before. After the PT meeting that Saturday , we all got together and left just after 1 PM. The trip was a good one.. the drive was comfortable coz of the relatively less or non existent traffic on the highway when compared to the B’lore Mysore one.

After the toll gate before Vellore, we took a right… a  route through a village to reach Sripuram. The rural scene was comforting and we could feel the freshness in the air. Felt so very nice 🙂 We decided to go to the temple we just passed by it and went on to Vellore. After finding an accommodation in Vellore, we freshened up and returned to the temple, just in time to get entry. No entry after 8 PM. After security checks, strictly no mobiles or cameras are allowed, we had to walk quite a bit in order to reach near the Sanctum Sanctorum. The deity is Sri Lakhsmi Narayani.

The entire temple is covered in layers of gold and is a sight to behold, especially when it is lit up… thats one reason why we chose to visit the temple after dusk. Later, read up on the net and realized that we had walked along a star shaped pathway to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The next day, we decided to have it relaxed and cancelled the plan to visit the Vellore fort. Also, Adi had been suffering from fever since the previous evening and we didn’t want to strain him out. We again proceeded towards the temple. There, outside the temple, we went around looking at the stuff being sold … bought some girly things and then headed back. Once again on the road through the villages… couple of times we stopped to click some pics of the serene surroundings 🙂

The drive back was also good and we reached home by evening… in time to prepare for the week ahead 🙂

The last weekend of August was a hectic one… busy preparing for Adi’s bday and the festival. Celebrated Gauri pooja and Adi’s 4th bday on Wednesday, the 31st of August and Ganesh Chaturthi on Thursday, the 1st of Sep.

Here are some snapshots..

Gauri pooja at sis1's place..
Cutting the cake...
Ooh..aaah.. 🙂
Ganesh pooja

Hope you enjoyed looking the pics 🙂


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  1. That does seem like a very busy August but seems like you all enjoyed every minute of it and that is what counts the most right?

    Loved all the pictures 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed Swaru 🙂
      The countryside pics..would hav loved to post.. but as usual they hav not been uploaded n shared by sis yet 😦 will add them later..


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