On teacher’s day…

Sis 1 started her career as a lecturer in an Engineering college. The opportunity came just by chance. She had never planned on becoming a teacher, nor had ever imagined herself to be one. But she took it up and ended up liking teaching.
Frequently she would crib about how things are in her professional setup, how its a thankless job and how the remuneration is just not worth the effort. Many times she has asked us to find something for her in the corporate world, though not fully comfortable with the idea herself. Each time, we would offer our own insights and comfort her that she is in the right place.

Most of all what strikes me about her profession is the opportunity to make a difference to others lives. And that I think is a big one. She is very committed to her work and is sincere when it comes to helping and guiding students. On more than one occasion, her efforts have been appreciated. Not only by the student, but also by the parents. Such moments give her a huge boost and we all feel very good about this. That at least a few students take the trouble to acknowledge the effort and make time to let their feelings known.

When I hear of such incidents from her, I almost always rue the fact that I never expressed such gratitude or said thanks to the teachers who touched my life and made a difference. I hope to make amends by expressing my thanks to my kids’ teachers and by teaching the kids to express their feelings to people who do make a positive impact on them… however small or big!!

Here’s to all the dedicated teachers who strive to shape up young minds for a better and hopeful tomorrow!!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


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  1. It has all changed nowadays .. Students dont care and most of the teachers are so overworked that they too stop to care ..
    Glad to know that you sis is taking pains and working hard .. we need such teachers lots of them to make our nation a good nation once again …

    All the best to your sis .. a very happy teachers day to her..

    I had a fantastic set of teachers I am what I am today because of the pain taken by my teachers …


    1. Yes Bikram… the teachers are definitely overworked these days.. but still I see that many, at least a small percentage of them, are very committed to their duty!
      We were indeed lucky to get good teachers who motivated us to do our best 🙂


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