Incessant pitter patter, memories…
Of raincoat-gumboots clad school kids
Sweet nostalgia…

It has rained throughout the night and has continued for most part of the morning. This happens rarely, at least from the time I’ve been here, so for me its definitely not a characteristic of Bangalore. The continuous rains brought back fond memories of our school days. Our rain coats and gum boots were indispensable during the rainy season in Belgaum. Here, people make do even without an umbrella most of the times. What a contrast!!

We’ve had our share of fun jumping in the poodles, walking noisily with water filled in our gum boots…. Reaching home, we would pour out the water from the boots and rush in to wash our already wet n cold feet. The sensation of the tap water felt wonderful on the soles !!

So many memories these rains bring back πŸ™‚ Hai na?