Adi n his baba went shopping one day.
In the vegetable shop..Adi poking his baba with a toothpick…

Baba: ‘Adi stop poking me. It hurts’. poking stops
A person standing next to them.. to Adi: ‘What’s your name beta?’
Adi: ‘Adithya’
The person: ‘How are you?’
Adi: ‘I’m fine. How are you?’
The person: ‘I’m also fine’
Adi: ‘How can you be fine? I poked you just now!!’
Baba: 😯 πŸ™„

The person assured BIL1 that no harm was done πŸ™‚


Adi to his baba: Baba, when you become old , i’ll be newwww na? πŸ˜†


Have a great Sunday folks!!