Cliched though it sounds… time sure is flying… and at a never before amazing speed!! Am sure many others are also feeling the same…

Just last weekend we were thinking that sis1 will be back in a week. She’s in Kolkata for a Mathematics workshop. And the day is already here. She’ll be back on Sunday… we are all excited about the goodies that she might bring 😉 of course we’re also mighty excited to have her back 😀 … to hear to her stories. This is the first time she’s travelled to Kolkata.. or for that matter anywhere, alone. Though she’s staying with her in-laws, she’s been figuring her way in the city alone!! Brave girl she is 🙂 So that’s the excitement for this weekend.

Was also thinking of going off to a mall/bookstore by myself and spending some time browsing through books … An idea is forming.. will wait n see if something materializes.

Hope you all have a great, fun filled, exciting, relaxing weekend too 🙂