Is it important or even necessary to teach religion or religious texts in school? I was wondering about this after coming across this piece of news yesterday.

I studied in a school run by the Christian nuns. However, I dont remember having been made to read the Bible, or even parts of it. We used to sing some hymns though. There was never an attempt to impress upon us that Christianity is the best… at least I never felt that way. From what I’ve heard, some schools do make the children read from the Bible. Not sure what goes on in institutions run by Muslims.

For me religion is something that is personal. In the sense, something that guides you in your daily life. Not the rituals and other stuff. You could say, its more about values. What is needed today is that there be more focus on instilling values in the children rather than teach them out of religious scriptures or texts. Reading religious texts they can choose to do when they grow up and find genuine interest in doing so.

Some may argue that instilling values is the aim here too. But why through religion? Values are not specific to religion. Human values can be taught without getting religion/religious texts involved. People with a world view are the need of the hour and of the future … not religious fundamentalists!!