On your seventh, I want to pen down a few things…

* you have grown quite tall … like all of a sudden, this summer

* you sure want to grow your hair long πŸ˜›

* you want to be plump but just wont eat even a lil bit more πŸ™„

* you say you like singing… but also want to learn dancing

* you are curious about a whole lot of things…

* you ask how did God know that he had to make skin over the skeleton and the muscles πŸ˜€

* you realize and appreciate the fact that I yell lesser and spend more time with you πŸ™‚

* you love Adi the most but wont tolerate him touching any of your stuff!! without your permission that is πŸ™‚

* you give a thrashing to anyone who dares to scold or trouble Adi but wont think twice before spanking him when he irritates you πŸ˜€ you think you have the sole right over him!!

* you are enthusiastic about drinking your milk but will always try to wriggle out of brushing your teeth at the end of the day!

* you say that ‘yes mamma, being simple is good’ and with equal certainty you add ‘but I dont like to be simple’ !! my lil lady loves to dress up πŸ™‚ I like that you’re sure about your feelings and are firm about what you want!!

Happy Birthday!!