D day!

The countdown was almost similar to the last year’s 🙂

The day dawned bright n nice 🙂 Ammu woke up as soon as I called out her name!! 20 minutes earlier that usual.. And sprang out of the bed in just a couple of minutes. No drowsiness.. no laziness. She wished good morning to everyone cheerfully and went about doing her things as quickly as possible. She wanted to have enough time to ‘dress up’. And I was wishfully thinking.. why cant it be like this everyday 😀 All you moms nodding head in agreement? 😉

So the princess was all dressed up, had her breakfast and went down on time! I even clicked a few pics of her in her gorgeous dress!! I hope she has an exciting n happy day 🙂 Apparently, she has told her friends in advance and was excitedly describing what her best friend is going to give her… complete with details of wrapping n all 😀 Waiting to hear her story today… 🙂

At home…  before getting ready for office, I spent some time decorating the living room with streamers and the ‘Happy birthday’ banner. Generally we do it in the evening but this time I thought of giving the kids a surprise when they come home. I’m sure they’ll be excited!! Adi was excited and wanted to get the cake and cut it yesterday itself 😀

Evening… it will be a family get together as usual. We’ll be missing sis1 who’s in Kolkata for a workshop and she too will be missing this for sure… she didnt even want to go… for this reason. But such is life 🙂

The princess will be in another gorgeous dress that her Thata bought for her from Mysore… and of course Adi too!! he’s maha excited about his new dress as well!! G’pas wont’t think twice when splurging for these tiny tots 😉 Right? Everything’s set for the evening… the cake, the gifts, the menu just a simple one . I hope it will be fun and exciting for the kids!!

Happy Birthday darling!! Hope and wish your days in the year ahead will be filled with fun and cheer and good health!!!


9 thoughts on “D day!

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  1. Wishing u a very happy bday Ammu 🙂 Hv a lovely yr ahead 🙂

    Oh yes! Grandpas are the best .. I so miss mine 😦

    Waiting for the pics 🙂


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