Friday Flowers!

The weekend will be spent totally with the kids 🙂 Dad n house help are not in station. And sis has her exam duty..

Also there’s b’day shopping to do.. birthday dress, chocolates… Hoping it will be fun and exciting… 🙂 Ammu is already excited and she wants a pink dress!! I have been thinking that she’s got over her pink obsession 🙂 Looking forward to the weekend…

 Hope you all have a great weekend too 🙂

P.S: This is the 200th post! Wohoo !! Just realized after hitting the publish button. Thanks to all you friends who drop by and esp those who make this space so lively by your presence 😀


14 thoughts on “Friday Flowers!

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  1. Lovely flowers….have a gr8 wknd!! n congrats on the 200th post 🙂 keep goin gal! ur my favourite blogger!!! 😀


  2. Congrats… 200 posts wow. Best of luck with the kids over the weekend. I can’t imagine serious shopping with both of mine on my hands. :-). BTW what flowers are those? As usual they are beautiful.


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