In the school van, while going to school…

Ammu: Thata will go to Mysore tomorrow .. he’ll bring a new dress for my birthday 😀

Adi: No. Thata should not go. I’ll become big and buy a new dress for your birthday. I’ll buy a saree for you 😀

Ammu tried explaining to him that only 5 days are left and he wont become big by then. No matter what she said, he stuck to his point!! 😛

Somehow y’day, his generosity was extended to others too 🙂 He made thata call up his favourite uncle and told him that he’ll buy a new dress for him. The same promise was made to thata, his baba n mamma as well 😀

To his baba mamma he said ‘I’ll buy a green car. I’ll take you to BDA complex and buy  a new dress for you and a saree for mamma!!’

As narrated by Ammu, thata and his baba 🙂