The weekend is here already!

The past week, Adi was down with throat infection and missed school on 2 days. He’s better with medication. But seems like its now Ammu’s turn 😦 … coughing a bit and been feverish yesterday night. Its not very bad… but i hope it does not get aggravated. Some medication and rest during the weekend should see her through I hope!! God! I hope she wont have to go through antibiotics…

The happy thing is .. we have a meet coming up tomorrow.. the team mates from the old team. The first team which I worked with in the organization, the team in which I was for the longest time, which gave me a rich experience and some of the most memorable moments and friendships!! Most of them are working in different organizations now.. and we are meeting after a really long time. Thanks to the initiative of the guy who was our PM then 🙂

These dainty darlings we gave sis on her b’day 🙂 They look like roses.. dont they? The stalks are so slender.. couple of flowers fell off even with a slight touch.. left us wondering if we made a good choice. They survived though 😀 .. and sis was delighted to receive them 🙂

I had seen them for the first time and the florist said they are from Ooty!! Googled some and found that they are called Lisianthus 🙂

That’s it for now!

Hope you all have a nice weekend 😀