No no.. i do lovveeeeeeee music! Listening to music that is šŸ˜€
Never got to the tectnicalities of it.. though I would love to learn …
Music soothes me..excites me… makes me happy like lil else can!! Brings on tears too šŸ™‚ It is my sanctuary!!

My entry for this week’s theme ‘Music’ at Thursday Challenge.

These pics were taken on the day of Saraswathi puja… for initiating Adi into the world of formal learning. The kids are musically inclined… love to sing.. they’re overjoyed on being able to sing a few lines of the newer bollywood songs šŸ˜€ .. dum maro dum is the new favourite if you must know šŸ™‚

We so hope that they’ll show some interest in learning to play music!! We’d be on top of the world. Keeping fingers crossed …