Sis1 in an attempt to prepare Adi for the new teacher in LKG…
Sis: You will be in a new class.
Adi: Ok
Sis1: You can make new friends.
Adi: Ok
Sis1 *now coming to the most imp part*: You will have a new class teacher
Adi *thinking* Oh! Sis heaving a sigh of relief thinking he got it
Adi*excitedly*: New J maam!! 😀
Sis1:  🙄 truly worried now coz he says he doesnt want to go back to school. She suspects it because he knows that his fave maam wont be his class teacher now. J maam was his class teacher in prenursery whom he stuck too always..


Ammu loved her summer classes and was sad that they have come to an end…
Me: Its OK …in few more days your school will reopen.. you can go to school 🙂
Ammu: But i like summer camp more than school.Why cant we have summer camp all the time ?
Me: Coz summer gets over!  thinking of this as a brainwave 😀
Ammu: Then we can have autumn, winter and spring camps na!!

Whom was I thinking of outsmarting now!! 😀


Have a geat weekend folks!!