Cute buddies!!


For this weeks theme ‘Pets’ at Thursday Challenge.

The theme brought back so many lovely memories… of Guddu n Rocky 🙂

Guddu was our first pet ever. As kids we were pertified of dogs! He came to us, in 1999 or was it 2000, under quite unusual circumstances. Made us feel that he was certainly destined to be our companion. The day sis2’s friend brought him to us… begging us to keep him, we could not refuse …he was so cute n cuddly. And though we had no clue how to care for a pet, we had insisted that we keep this one and dad had finally given in. He was the one who  who kept my sis company when the other two of us were away from home for studies… kept me company when I was at home pregnant with Ammu. But most of all, it was dad who pampered him a lot and took utmost care of him as he would a child! And dad it was who he stayed with …giving the most joy and companionship, in fact the only one when all the 3 of us came away from home.

Sadly though, we had to part with him and entrust him to be taken care of by a family known to us, when dad came over to stay with us to take care of Ammu. We sometimes got to see him on our visits to Mysore.. but that also stopped gradually. Dad, though, was in constant touch and knew that our Guddu was unwell for quite sometime. He knew we wouldnt bear to see him in that condition and so discouraged us from going to see him. Now, its almost a year since Guddu passed away … on the 28th this month last year 😦 But some of the special episodes with Guddu always remain close to us and their memory never fails to bring on a smile 😀


One day in 2007, the doggy crazy BIL1 surprised us all by bringing Rocky to us unannounced! Though we were quite unprepared or even reluctant to have a pet due to various constraints on time n space n energy, we were happy to see him… happy in a way that  only lil pups can make us 😀  But then he stayed with us only for a few months and then we had to give him up, when we realized that we could not take care of him in the best possible manner given our circumstances. Sis2 was pregnant with Adi and we figured it would have been difficult for us to manage both the baby and the growing pup 😦

Ammu was very attached to Rocky and when I was trying to prepare her mind for this, she confidently said ‘ No problem mamma…You take care of Rocky n i’ll take care of paapa’ !! Adi was the paapa still in the tummy! I can recall it as if it happened just yesterday..
But we did send him off … in Ammu’s absence of course! … with someone who had a big house and huge lawns… where we believed Rocky would grow up happily 😦  She understood and never threw a tantrum… my angel 🙂


And now… both Ammu n Adi are very fond of dogs.  Ammu feels hurt by the fact that we say poda Maniya to a stray near Sis2’s home, whom we feed biscuits most of the days. Says he may feel bad! She told this to me one day at bed time .. just recently 🙂 I had to explain to her that it is meant in a fun way and that Mani  means a Pearl or a Bead. Only then did her agitation subside!!

And…  Adi walks by strays n says he wants to take one home!! Wondering when the father-son duo might surprise her shock her, Sis1 tells me ‘keep one bedroom in your home free for me. I might walk in anytime’ 🙂 She likes dogs.. but doesnt want to be made responsible for one at this stage 😀

P.S:I’m glad about this theme…  if not for it I probably would not have written this down !!

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  1. Awwww such a sweet post 🙂
    made me smile all through it!

    i loved this week’s theme as well. there is something about pets – dogs specially – that brings a family close together and puts a smile on the faces of everyone. 🙂


  2. I love dogs and the way they make us unbearably happy. 🙂 But I also understand the constraints from ur side…its ok…hugs. 🙂


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