I so wish you were here…

She loves him, adores him to bits. She fights with him, bickers with him over TV time and the remote. She fights us all… for him… fiercely protects him 🙂 we’re not allowed to say anything to him or about him even in passing that she considers inappropriate. In a way she’s devoted to him 😀 She sheds copious tears when he has to go to Mysore.. and tells that he should never ever go again….

Its wonderful and heart warming to see this granpa – granddaughter relationship 🙂 And at each instance, even as my heart fills up with pride n joy, I’m only reminded of you… of how she would have loved you so… of all that happiness…the lil joys. Had you been here ..with us. Oh how i miss you! Miss seeing and experiencing the lovely bond between her and you!!

It kinda hurts to know that she cannot even relate to you.. for you werent around when she came into this world!! Oh mummy, i wish..i wish you were here… more than ever… for her.. for you… for us!!!