Will they? Won’t they?

Children doing their share of the chores is something I have always believed in. It is something I can vouch for.. coz it has helped to make me disciplined and self sufficient in the long run. Reading Starrys post brought back a lot of memories… of how we sisters pitched in with the house work. I dont remember exactly how it came about… we were never forced to do anything as far as I remember. And I wondered if we could make our kids imbibe that kind of mentality, whether we would be able to explain to them the need for being disciplined and self sufficient…

I have always insisted that they pick up after themselves, keep their stuff in designated places and such. But with someone always there to do the needful if they didnt, and with instances of ‘I will not do.. why should i?’ esp with Ammu, I had my concerns as to how they will turn out eventually!!

And, as if in answer to my thoughts and questions, this is what our cook cum caretaker told me when I went home yesterday. It seems they  were discussing about her monthly visit to her home… this month she was to go on the 7th. But she was not very sure if we’ll be able to manage as the maid had informed yesterday that she would be on leave that same weekend. In response to this Ammu has said ‘Neenu worry maaDbeDa aunty.. neenu hogu. Naanu vessels wash maaDThini.. maTTe Thata sweep maaDthare. Illandre small parke tandu koDu naane sweep maaDThini ‘ **

Needless to say I was overwhelmed 😀 In that instant all my fears seemed to dissipate into thin air!!

** ‘You dont worry aunty..you go home. I will wash the utensils and thata will sweep. Or you get me a small broom and I will only sweep..’

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  1. So cute and very well answered, Ammu…special hugs from me. 🙂 🙂

    Its indeed a blessing Priya, to have children who are so sensitive to other’s needs. 🙂


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