On a lazy sunday morning, Ammu goes to Adi’s bed for some konjifying session 🙂 Conversation turns to Chota Bheem. both are huge fans of this cartoon character on pogo.  Adi insists that he is Chota Bheem and says Ammu is Chutki, Chota Bheem’s friend . Ammu asks who is Raju? n Adi points out to his Ram uncle. What about Jaggu? Ammu asks.. and goes on to explain that he is the blue monkey. To which Adi responds spontaneously, looking at himself..   ‘ I’m not the blue monkey!!’ 😀 😀 he was wearing  blue shirt and blue pants 😆


Before going to bed, sis was cleaning up Adi. She told him to look up so that she could clean his nose. Looking into the mirror, he says ‘It is night in the nose’  😆  ‘In the morning also, it is night in the nose!!’ 😀 😀


Adi’s current phase – Loves cricket and Chota Bheem as already mentioned 🙂 He gives a punch to anyone who opposes him! I tried to explain to him that Chota Bheem punches only those who are bad and are causing harm to others. He seemed to understand but it remains to be seen if he’ll stop punching all n sundry!

In addition to the witty, lovalble, adorable little bundle of energy that he is 🙂 he seems to be in the terrible three’s mode 😦  stubborn, unwilling to be guided or disciplined, crankiness, easily given to crying and wailing when demand is not met for any reason!! It is exasperating, especially for Sis and BIL and also a matter of concern for us. We just hope this is a phase and he will soon come out of it! This also, we’ll have to just wait and watch!!