The past week, Ammu has been attending the Drawing and ArtnCraft classes as part of the Summer camp at her school. Initially, I enrolled her for Music classes learn to play the keyboard/casio. Her music teacher told me that he would teach for a week and will continue only if at least 10 kids enroll for the class. I went ahead and enrolled her even though the count was only 2 at that time, including Siri. You can say I wasΒ too hopeful πŸ™‚ But sadly, only the 2 continued for a whole week and now.. no more music classes. 😦 Β She was very excited about the music class though she seems relieved now! She told me that though she liked to learn music,her fingers hurt during the practise sessions., ArtnCraft has replaced Music session. And she’s pretty excited about it. Coz its conducted by one of her favourite teachers [Adi’s prenursey teacher.. a very sweet lady..always smiling ..unlimited patience with the kids :)] In fact, when i first asked Ammu, if she would like to enroll for summer camp, she went through the handout and said she’ll go for art n craft coz Jalaja ma’am is conducting it πŸ˜€ Later going through the list, she decided she would like to go for drawing [remember she wants to be a drawinger] and added to it was the mention of water colours πŸ˜€

In the past week, she said that she has made some drawings of fruits, vegetables, flowers and has coloured them using the oil pastels.. the water colours session is yet to begin, I believe. I forget what it was she drew but she was very happy that she was the only one who was able to draw it nicely πŸ™‚

And today she was super excited about the craft session. She had packed an old dress to take to the class. They were to do some stuff with colours and glitter it seems. I hope she has enjoyed it πŸ™‚

As for me I’m relieved that she happily agreed to go for the summer classes. At home, she spent way too much time watching TV, or fighting for the remote with dad 😦 Though of course most of her time was spent drawing/doodling n colouring! She would evenΒ bug me at times for ideas to draw when she would be done with her own πŸ™‚

She’s very happy to do the things that she loves to do!! And the excitement is evident πŸ˜€ Yesterday, the first thing she said on waking up ‘ Mamma, I want to go to school. After Friday, it should be Monday!Β I dont want Saturday and Sunday mamma..’ πŸ˜€ wonder how moms like me can do without the weekend πŸ™„

P.S: Adi came over on Saturday evening and stayed with us. Both of them had a gala time kicking and stomping on balloons.Β On Sunday,Β we took Adi n Ammu to watch Rio. Had fun :).. the kids were laughing loudly looking at the colourful birds dancing to the energising beats!