Lil pleasures… and some bliss!!

After many days of hectic work I got some respite yesterday 🙂 And I left for home early!! The sun had not set and it felt good to be out with the sun still shining bright. On the way, I saw the tress swaying and felt the cool breeze… people returning to their homes and small kids playing in the school ground while their mommies chit chatted keeping an eye on them 🙂

As soon as I reached home.. I took Ammu for a walk. We talked about a lot of things…flowers and plants, the buildings, her on. She wanted to me to pluck some flowers for her, but I declined as it was dusk. Instead, I picked up some of the pink and yellow flowers that had fallen on the road. She was excited and asked if we could tie those with a ribbon to make a bow 🙂

I was reminded of our childhood days. I told her about the time when I and sis1 used to go for morning walks and would return with lots of flowers that we would pluck from plants on the way. On hearing this, Ammu spontaneously said ‘ Avva also would pluck white flowers from the plant na.. near the old house?’ I was totally surprised that she still remembered this. Looking at my surprised expression she went on.. ‘Avva would pluck the flowers and tie them na… I remember 🙂 Is that Jasmine mamma?’

Earlier whenever I have tried to tell her about some incident that had happened while we were in that house, she didnt seem to remember. Not that I expected her to.. we had stayed there when she was just a little girl of 1yr till she was 3 yrs old. Granma would carefully pluck flowers from the plant choosing only the ones that had bloomed nicely. She disliked people who plucked out the very young buds. She would then tie them up into a garland while Ammu had her afternoon siesta. Granma loved the daily ritual of decorating the photos of deities with the beautiful garlands and flowers for the pooja in the evening. By the time she was done with it, Ammu would be up. But many times Ammu would wake up sensing Avva’s absence and then sit beside her during the whole process. Perhaps that is the reason it is so deeply etched into her memory 🙂 And, inexplicably, I felt so very glad that she remembers!!

Back at home, I suggested she put the flowers in a bowl. In a smal bowl, she filled water, put in the flowers and placed it on the table in the living room. And, showed it off with great excitement to everyone as soon as they stepped into the home 🙂

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