Adi has this habit of throwing things from the balcony … esp when no one is looking. One day while playing, he throws a toy out of the balcony. His baba goes and brings it back when Adi is busy with something else. After a while, on seeing his toy back in its place, Adi asks ‘Baba, you fell down and got it?’ 😀


Adi used to wake up crying at times and that worried Sis. I suggested that she tell him some nice things while going to bed… or maybe a prayer would help. So she told him to pray and said that he neednt get scared and that Shiva will protect him from harm.
One night when they got ready for bed and BIL closes the door and the windows he asks
‘How will Shiva come and protect me if you close everything’
Sis says ‘Dont worry..He’s already here. He will protect you’ 🙂
To which he replies.. ‘OK. I will also protect him!!!’ 😀


While watching the movie Ganesha Adi asks his mom why Lil Ganesha’s head is chopped off. She says… ‘Shiva is angry with Ganesha because he didnt listen to him. And so Shiva has chopped off Ganesha’s head!’ To which he asks… ‘So if I dont listen to baba and make him angry..he’ll also chop my head off?’… *mixed emotions…shocked ..awestruck..*
We have heard this story umpteen times…but this line of thought had never occured to us!!


When he is fussy about eating..we usually say ‘you have to eat if you want to get shakti and become strong’ So now..whenever he is eating he raises his arm and points out saying..see bomma i’m getting shakti!!
And then if one of us says we are not going to eat..he says .. ‘You must eat.How will you become strong?’ 🙂


This one has been in the drafts for over a month now 😦 Glad that I’ve been able to post it !

These days we are seeing less of Adi. His grandparents have come from Kolkatta and are taking care of him. He doesnt come to our place after school. Though we do meet him once a week at least. Home felt very different at first.. without his presence. But we have got used to the quietness now 🙂 He is as usual busy with school, play and grandparents. Thankfully, Ammu and Adi meet everyday in the school van ..on their way to school. Or she goes to his class at times, during break, to talk to him 🙂

The week before last Ammu was down with fever and he was refusing to go to school coz his didi was not going! And now, it’s his turn 😦 The change in weather always does this to them…no matter what precaution we take 😦

Summer vacations will start after a week and we hope Adi will come and spend some time with us. I’m sure his parents will like the break from having to constantly keep on their toes 😉

Hoping and wishing and praying that sickness stays away from the kids … this summer. And ALWAYS!! 🙂