… an impromptu family outing !!

On Sankranti day, it was noon by the time we performed pooja and had our fill of the venn pongal and chakkarai pongal πŸ™‚ The hot noon and the late brunch made us drowsy and I just wanted to plop onto the bed for a nice nap. But that was not to be. Sis2 and BIL2 had other plans. And the kids were excited about it. We were to go for a long drive in their new car, no matter what! So we got ready and waited… for quite some time. The kids became fidgety and we were about to give up, when finally they came… much to our relief πŸ™‚ They had been held up by unexpected visitors.

It was around 1.30 pm when we eventually left !! BIL announced that we are driving to the Kanva reservoir, near Ramanagaram on the B’lore-Mysore highway. With the disclaimer that this may not be the season to visit the place… that there may notΒ  even be a shady place to sit or any water at all!! But we have to go!!!

Since this was a pretty much unplanned one except that they had figured out where to drive to πŸ˜‰ we just packed the pongal that was left and on the way, purchased some chips n biscuits . We had a pleasant drive . On the B’lore – Mysore highway, we had to take a deviation to the right after Janapada Loka in RamanagaramΒ just before the bridge to Channapatna. There seemed to be a cattle fair at that junction.Β The road through the village was good… calm and surrounded by greenery. We also saw lots of goats on our way…but the kids missed it 😦 They had a good nap and got up just when we reached there.

On our way from B’lore towards Ramanagaram..

As expected, there was very little water. Of course it was more than enough for us… And thankfully, there were trees all around πŸ™‚ We decided to have our meal and then hit the water πŸ˜€

The kids had a gala time in the cool waters…

The lunch was had and then we stepped into the cool water. The kids excitedly got into the water and played around for some time. After reluctantly getting out of the water, they got a change of clothes. Then, me and the kids strolled around, while the others sat and munched some πŸ™‚ The brothers went in search of tea and managed to bring back tea that was made with jaggery… which was good :)..

The surroundings…

We stayed for some more time and then headed back for home…

Greenery on the sides of the road through the village..

Ammu got to actually see the kuchcha and pucca houses and how they were different. And real bullock carts stationed on the road side πŸ™‚

On reaching B’lore, we headed to Sis2’s house. She held a screening of The Karate Kid for us πŸ˜€ on her laptop,Β she wanted us to watch it since a long time.. but somehow that had not happened, while she and BIL got busy preparing dinner for us πŸ˜€

Luckily for us, the kids also watched the movie while doing their usual colouring. But of course, Adi’s antics resumed once he was done with his colouring πŸ˜€Β We had our dinner, while watching the movie. When the movie got over, we left for home and reached by 11:00, ready to go straight to bed πŸ™‚

All in all, it was a great day… spent with family! Full of fun and entertainment πŸ˜€