Some events make you think so… isnt it?

A couple of weeks ago, me n my friend were talking about two people in office; the two are very good friends and partners. Basically our observations.. one (A) is very friendly.. acknowledges others around him, wishes them… also knows and addresses everyone by their name. The other one(B), just passes by as if we dont exist. We never know whether to wish him when we do look at him.So most often we just look the other way when we see him coming!

Sometime in the past week we saw this person(B) in the basement parking. As he passed by, he gave us a nice smile and said hi. I was really surprised. My friend said that maybe he’s that way outside the office. And i nodded, not knowing what to think. Again, a few days later, he smiled at us… in the office 🙂 This happened a couple of times. I joked to my friend that maybe he overheard us talking about him!

This reminded me of a similar incident during our college days. There was this guy with long hair, Sanjay Dutt style. He didnt look any good with the long least thats what we (our gang) felt. Once during the lunch hour our conversation turned to this guy and his hair, and our unanimous opinion was that he would look better if he tied his hair into a pony. And lo, the very next day he entered the class wearing a pony!!

I’m sure most of us would have had such experiences… which leave us thinking whether it was a mere coincidence or was there something more to it? Tell me tell me 😀