Its fancy dress time at Shruti’s 🙂 And we are joining the party!!

Here are a few pics of the kids in fancy dresses. Though not dressed up for fancy dress per se. They have ‘flower/fruit day’, ‘earth day’, ‘sports day’ when they are required to dress up in costumes as per the theme.

RoseAmmu, in her LKG, dressed up for the Flower day.

Pink roses pinned to her pink frock and pink hat. The pink socks and footwear completing the look 🙂 Ammu bagged the first prize for this one and it was her first prize as well ! Idea and resources courtesy BIL 2 🙂

Flower day Ammu and her classmates on Fruit and flower day [UKG]…

Ammu_AdiAmmu and Adi … at home 🙂

We just love dressing them up at times 🙂 Ammu in her lehanga choli bought at the Mysore Dasara exhibition. Her chittis accessories and the long hair… total excitement for the lil girl 🙂 As for Adi, the plan was to dress him up as Krishna. But we couldn’t get a peacock feather. So, with the readymade panche and the saffron coloured silk cloth, he ended up as the Ipod wielding Rama 😀

DSC00069Could have been a Bhima with the gada (mace).. but he preferred the Ipod 😉

Tree_1Adi dressed up as a tree on Earth day.

The trunk made of brown colour hand made paper, with some green undergrowth stuck at the bottom. The upper portion, made of green colour hand made paper and 2 white birds made of card paper stuck on top of it. The trunk part had satin ribbons to fasten it, one pair around his waist and the other went round his neck. The upper portion was tied to his head.

In this project, the main focus was on his comfort.. so we kept the green portion small and even made a cut from the bottom to the middle of the trunk so that he could walk easily.

Tree_2 Looks so relieved to go around only with the truck portion 😉


Prince_Princess2Adi..the prince! on Sports day.

His royal blue kurta paired with a red dupatta tied to the neck. Crown and belt are made of card paper with golden colour paper stuck on the outer side, and satin ribbons at the ends for fastening. The princesses are seen wearing the gowns and accessories.

Thanks to Shruti for this fun theme… loved going through the pics again and doing this post 🙂