Updates from the second PT meeting…

Adi has loosened his grip on the teacher. He no longer trails her everywhere. He tells her.. ‘You go..i’ll be seeing!’ This he has picked up from his didi πŸ™‚ whenever she’s going into another room or to the loo, she tells us to keep seeing/watching her! and now its the same with him! Applicable to teacher too πŸ˜‰

He is now much better with his pencil and also with the crayons. In the first meeting, she had said that Adi doesnt have a proper grip on the pencil/crayon and hence is not able to write/colour well.

A bunch of sheets were handed over for us to see. Right from his intial colouring sheets to the recently finished exam’s answer sheets. He has done a excellent job πŸ™‚ Neither his parents nor his teacher had expected him to do so well. Adi ‘Exceeds expectations’ πŸ˜‰ As for me, I always knew he’s intelligent and will do well. Typical of bommas u say? πŸ™‚ My sis wonders whether he’ll live upto that! We’ll wait n watch!!

She was also very surprised that he knew the names of all his classmates and also made a few friends.Β Earlier she had been concerned that heΒ doesn’tΒ move with anyone , doesnt make friends and only sticks to her all the while…

On theflip side.. he demands that he be the first one for any activity. Like … he doesnt like if the teacher engages first with another child for a craft activity 😦 Β He insists that he should do it first. If she tries to explain that he cannot be the first one always.. he sulks and says ‘I’ll tear it.. ‘ ‘I’ll tell my baba’ or some such thing! Sis, to assuage his fears and put him at ease while joining school, had told him that teacher is like a friend and that he need not be scared. The guy has taken it literally!!

And after his activity, he doesnt put away his things. He expects someone else to do it. This in spite of being told at home that he should clear his stuff once he is done. Maybe he expects that someone will eventually do it like his didi does for him sometimes 😦

So for now thats the package called Adi πŸ˜€ at least at school. At home, he’s suddenly become very restless these days and needless to say resorts toΒ activitiesΒ that irk us many a times. Its becoming really difficult for us to keep our cool. Wonder if this is a phase and till when it will last? Anyhow, I’m thinking that we send him for some activity classes so that his energy and enthusiasm is directed in a favourable way. Suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚ The tougher part is to find some place close to home! Wish me luck πŸ™‚