Glimpses from Diwali 2010!

This Diwali, we had a pleasant ambience at home. A little rangoli at the door accentuated with flowers and diyas… Little scented candles and floating candles in the living room…Fragrance of flowers, fruits, incense sticks in the puja room…

Since it was too windy for diyas in the balcony, we brought them all in and lined them up along the walls… We switched off all the tube lights and swiched on the yellow decorative bulbs. The whole place looked so festive with the reflection of the diyas on the clear tiles…

I did not take many pics though… was just savouring it all 🙂 And when I saw Shruti’s artsy craftsy theme for Nov, I was hoping to have a few pics at least. BIL had taken pics of the rangolis and some diyas on his mobile. But I had no pics of the crafts that I had made 😦  Again, thankfully, the crafts are with me unlike the rangolis. And I somehow managed to click pics of them and upload them, along with the ones in the mobile. So here they are!!

Rangolis made using rangoli powder and embellished with flowers and diyas! The clay diyas painted using gold colour oil paint…just accentuating the beautiful design 🙂

The kids were all excited while making the rangoli and were even eager to fill in the colours. They seemed fascinated looking at the end result! For some reason, while leaving for home yesterday around 8 PM, Adi looked back at me n said ‘ Bomma, make one rangoli’ 🙂

I made the lanterns while chatting with sis and the kids. A pretty simple one… Just cut 4 rectangles of the same size from hand made paper. Punch holes along the sides. Cut out some tiny shapes on the card paper for light to filter out. Tie up along the sides using satin ribbon pieces. This tying up can be done in different ways. Place diyas or candles within the walls and enjoy the work of art 🙂 Swich off the tube lights and you get a dramatic effect!! What say? I found inspiration for these while on one of my web trails, but i don’t seem to recollect the site 😦

Then I made the akashbutti,again using handmade paper. The one that I had bought last year had become dull and damaged at places. So i decided to use reuse the rings that held the central cylinder to make a new one. There were four rings; i used just 2.

Make the inner cylinder by cutting out the rectangle and fix it arund the rings, placing one ring at the top and other at the bottom. Then make another rectangle, 2 inches more height than the first one. Fold and cut slits from the fold till the edge, just leaving an inch of margin space for fixing it. Open the fold and fix this piece over the inner cylinder. Then stick colorful streamers below. I reused the old one. But wrapped it show the surface that was on the inner side earlier. Tie string at the top for hanging it. Fix up the lighting and you’re done!!

Note: This can be done even without the rings, by using a stiffer card paper. Children above 8 years should be able to do it I guess 🙂

These diyas are from the past year. They were painted by sis and her in laws. I have included them here to add bling to this post 😀 Aren’t they pretty ? *showing off*

Nominating these to Shruti’s Nov Artsy Craftsy.

ETA: More pics 🙂

Hare and the tortoise...beside the TV 🙂

Arent these little rabbit and the tortoise candle holders cute? 🙂

In the balcony...

Also linking this to Diwali Dhamaka @ The Key Bunch!!


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  1. @Swaram: Thanks! the lights make all the difference na 🙂 Thanks for the wishes 🙂
    @Priya: Thanks! Go ahead n show off…lights always look beautiful 🙂


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