Today, on my way to the office, I saw a small boy with his grandfather. At the corner of the road, generally looking this side and that… maybe they had come for a walk and the boy just wanted to stand a while and look at the passing vehicles, I thought. It brought back one particular memory πŸ™‚ . Once, when Ammu was around 3 yrs old,Β my sis 2 had taken her to a nearby school for the polio drops . Though the place was quite close to our home, the two of them returned after quite a long time. Turned out that, Ammu, after taking the drops, had insisted on sitting in the nearby bus stop. After looking at passing vehicles for nearly 30-40 minutes, she had given green signal to go home πŸ˜€ .

I love it when I see kids with some elder(s) on the street… the kid(s), all freshly powdered and with a spring in their steps and a huge smile. I imagine they must be out to get some toffee, or a toy, or the book/pencil which is Ammu’s favorite πŸ™‚ . Or they may just be going for a stroll. In any case, their excitement is hard to miss and it always brings on a smile πŸ™‚ Β I particularly love the grandparent – grandchild pair 😎 .There’s some endearing charm about them… And so it is that I feel that my dad is a very lucky person… who is fortunate to spend time with his grandchildren and enjoy them!! The times when he does the small favours for them or when they have their little fights… when the lil ones come up n say ‘dont say anything to tatha…he’s my tatha’ … there’s such joy in all this… I say silent prayers of gratitude.

And then my thought goes to mom… she’s missing all this I feel. Then again I think, she’s here too… looking at all that they do and enjoying it.. if thats possible. Just that they cannot see her and know her… this saddens me like no words can ever describe… 😦