‘It is easy to count the number of seeds in an apple. But only God knows how many apples are there in a seed’

This is a powerful thought and we can infer different things from this in different contexts!! For me, the context was a Parent counselling session at Ammu’s school 🙂 The session was for the parents of children in the range of 6-10 years of age.

The speaker began the session with the above quote and before I could form any coherent picture, went on to explain…

The number of apples that will emerge from a seed depends on many factors; mainly nourishment. Only when the seed is nourished properly, its yield will be bountiful!! So also is a child. Nourish a child with the right values and appropriate freedom and encouragement, and it will soar to great heights!!

So here…. The child is a seed to be nourished!! Indeed !!!

I felt enlightened all of a sudden 😀 Its a whole new perspective. One, that has made me see my role in a new light and taken my responsibilities to a new level altogether!!

I wonder at the amount of research that has been done in this area. I initially believed that parenting must be intuitive rather than from bookish knowledge. These days its the internet knowledge. I never specifically read books on Parenting. Not even books on pre natal, post natal care 😦 But I did read articles that appeared in the papers and they did influence me to some extent. More than that, my dad’s words have influenced me to a great extent. And the parenting workshop that I attended at Ammu’s school gave a definitive shape and direction to my parenting efforts. Also, I’ve been reading some awesome stuff on parenting at Starry’s and Uma’s which have made me think some more 🙂 on all that goes into parenting. In fact, reading real experiences feels more enriching, me thinks!

I’m all for the mixed path now. My intuition combined with the knowledge of parenting skills… I believe it is much more effective than just intuitive efforts. I’m really thankful to the school authorities for arranging such parenting workshops and sessions 🙂 And I owe so much to blogging… it has opened the doors to new information and experiences like nothing else has. I hate to follow the rule book so to say. But when there’s a valid point, I see no harm in adapting or trying things that may turn out to be good for both ..the parent and the child!! Wat say?

P.S: I wonder if this post is coherent enough. I think I’ve digressed from the main topic but I’m letting it be 🙂 Will elaborate more on the nourishment part in another post.