The past few days … has been a period of change for me. Both on the home front and the office.

Dad was operated for cataract on the 6th. And needs someone to take care of him, and also the kids when they return home. So we decided to get our house help from Mysore to stay with us. She is a diligent worker and also a favourite with the kids. She has immense amount of patience with them! So, the household work is taken care of. No hassles of cooking, cleaning, worrying about putting away the stuff like grocery, vegetables. Even the kids meals, reading … everything is taken care of. All in all, a relaxed time for me at home J Its like a dream come true. Don’t know how long it will last, but I’m enjoying every bit of it.

At work… am not on any project. There’s one in the pipeline for which an interview is to be scheduled. Until then, relaxing in the office as well. We have had to shift to a new office/location (coz our earlier organization is acquired by another one) which is double the distance from home to the earlier location. Travel time increased L. But that didn’t hurt as much as their internet policy (not their fault actually 😉 ). I’m unable to access my favourite blogs, especially the ones on wordpress. That means even my own blog is out of bounds L . Luckily, I discovered that I can read the posts on the reader, though clicking the blog/post link brings up the ‘restricted policy’ screen. So, I’m able to read the blogs whose authors have generously set the whole post option to be visible in a feed! There’s also some weird thing that I noticed. I’m able to access Swaram’s , Titaxy’s and Momofrs’s blogs :D, but when I click Uma’s, poof L same ‘restricted policy’ page comes up instantly. I’m unable to comment on any post though. Gave it a try again on Titaxy’s post today and looks like though it didnt load the page correctly after commenting, the comment was saved J Comment on IHM’s post was not saved though L Maybe some techie person is able to decipher this. But I dare not ask anyone in the office 😉

Well, all this is because I don’t have a computer at home L I never had enough time at home and hence never felt the need for a computer. In the sense, its there in my wish list but was not a priority. Till now, that is J Now, I will have to think seriously about buying one. Until then I will be unable to do much other than badgering my sis to post my post 😀 That’s how this one has come about 😉 Take care you people while I go and try to find some way to make my presence felt in the blogosphere 😆

P.S: For those of you wondering about the follow up to the post on the quote, it is safely lying in the drafts. I promise I’ll work on it and post as soon as I’m able to get to my blog.