Yay! We won!!

Our red Nail flower won the 1st prize at Shruti’s June Artsy Craftsy!!! Thanks Shruti 🙂

And Shruti has a fab giveaway on the occasion of her blog’s first birthday! She’s one super awesome lady with a superb creative streak 🙂 So do hop over and leave a comment!! or many comments 😉 More the better! Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of one of her beautiful paintings 🙂 Click on the link or on the teddy on the right and get going…

P.S: The archive for June shows 29 posts! I had been thinking of writing more but didnt think that I would do so many 😀 Maybe the NaBloPoMo effect rubbed off on me too!! Actually, I could have  hit the 30 mark yesterday itself with this post, had I seen Shruti’s post announcing the winners. No regrets.. the thought just crossed.

21 thoughts on “Yay! We won!!

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  1. LOL I ws thinking the same Priya .. that u did the NaBloPoMo minus the name 😉 😉

    And congrats .. u totally deserved it. I hd voted for u too 😀

    Lovvved it 🙂


  2. yayyyy!!! congratulations…n celebrations (singing here)!!!!!…now this surely calls for a treat ka….ammu will be so happy!


  3. Congrats !!! Good job !!! 🙂

    What all we learn with blogging !!
    How many frnds we have made !!!
    So many of our talents, not known to us too, come out in this blogoworld !!! Amazing !!!


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