‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’ – the tag started by IHM, has spread like wildfire, and everyone I know has been more than excited to share their story!! Going by the posts done on the very same day 🙂

I have been tagged by Uma to do this awesome tag 😀 Thanks Uma! The tag needs me to list 10 things that I have done which was opposed to my gender stereotype!! I know I have not been the typical girly types but I never gave a thought to this coz I didnt know for quite a long time about gender stereotypes, conditioning and the like. Loved what Pinoo says… ‘I never knew for a long time that girls and boys had separate lives, separate lifestyles, separate games, separate minds…’

In fact, I used to be shocked to hear things like… ‘Boys should not touch the broom sweep the house… it will bring bad luck’, ‘A girl should not walk on the same road many times in a day. It gives a bad impression’. 🙄

So, here are some things that I did… and some that I do even now 🙂

1) I laugh heartily!!

2) I have a mind of my own and my decisions won’t consider ‘what will other’s think?’ ‘what will others say?’ Also, I have walked on the same road many times in a day, never bothering about what someone will think 😀

3) Rode the bicycle with both my hands in the air!!!

4) I was neither afraid of the dark nor of the creepy/slimy creatures!

5) Was the first girl to wear jeans to the college. That too in the 1st year itself; no awkwardness at being a junior! Our college was a boys college until a couple of years before I joined… a government one at that! The other girls in my batch waited till they got to the 3rd year to wear jeans to the college!!

6) I manage my money, understand tax planning and even file my IT returns online. All this I’ve learnt by myself 🙂

7) I have changed fused bulbs and attended to all problems electrical. Not that I have been able to fix everything… but I would attempt to.

8 ) I dont use make up. Didn’t go to a parlor or got make up done by professionals even for my wedding!!

9) I look at people in the eye while talking.

10) I dont have too many clothes or bags or shoes.

Well, there are a few more things. When I started out, I didnt think I would get all 10. Now 10 seems to be inadequate! So i will continue 😀

11) Dislike jewellery in everyday life, just the minimum for me. Dont overdo it even on occassions.

12) Hate to talk the usual things that most ladies in the neighborhood do. About food, in laws, husbands, children…general gossip… you get the drift? Actually I avoid them for these reasons.

13) Played cricket, gilli danda, though for a short period. Climbed trees.

14) Like dogs; had a pet named guddu.

15) Love reading books more than embroidery.

16) Not very fond of shopping.

17) I dont display my emotions outside of my home. That is, I dont keep a sad face or cry in front of anyone other than my family members. Never try to create sympathy for myself, I hate that!

18) I even rode a scooter… the regular Hamara Bajaj! not a girls scooterette.

Thats quite a list ❗ I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one 🙂 I tag Shruti, Swati, Titaxy, Trishna, Momo’s Ma, Shankari, Coffee Bean, Comfy, Smartassbride, Priya, Shilpa and Sunita. Hope you all will enjoy doing this too!

Woohoo… this is the first time I’ve been able to tag so many people. The tag always came to me last… when most friends had already done it. So once again, thanks Uma for tagging me 🙂