Monday musings

Been reading about mommy guilt for a while. I thought that i’m above it… no mommy guilt for me!

I have done everything, taken major decisions of my life with her happiness and well being in mind. And if something happens otherwise, its beyond my control! I have done all that I possibly can. So be free from guilt and enjoy your moments together πŸ™‚ is what I’ve been saying to myself.

And, last Friday when dinner was late, she came up to me n said ‘I won’t eat mamma… i’m feeling sleepy’. I felt desperate. In fact, I shouted back… ‘you should have come up to me and said that you were hungry. I would have given you something to eat’.

Thats when it hit me… ‘Mommy guilt! this is it!!’

Now that i know, i’ve realized that its been there all the while… just that i didnt know the name ‘Mommy guilt!’

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  1. Mommy guilt comes with a unnamed lesson – let go….there are times so difficult for us to manage or prevent from happening. Those are the times, when given into, will wrap you in the guilt quilt. But, those times, you learn to let go…then u’ll be in peace with yourself and no guilt at all. πŸ™‚

    How old is this little one ???


    1. Uma, my daughter is 6 now.
      You’re right about letting go… in fact, i never dwell on it. Just that all these days, i associated Mommy guilt to the bigger things in life, which I have taken in my stride. But these little things… they seem to stay with you all the time.. isnt it?


  2. Uma, I’ve raised 5 kids, done the mommy guilt trip better than most (maybe that’s conceited – we’re all pretty good at it). And what I’ve come to the conclusion is – let it go. It’s going to happen. You’re made that way. Mom’s are made to worry about their kids. It’s all part of the nurturing side of us. It’s a draining, to be sure. But, once I started to accept that that is part of what I do and am, it worried me a whole lot less. And the interesting, and kind of bizarre thing is that the guilt also relaxed and backed off. Maybe, I just needed to be in a more relaxed mode of thinking. I’m sure it sounds kind of wierd. I’m a general practitioner, and I’ve seen many many stressed moms – all feeling the same. It’s really normal. So, somehow we need to accept our mothering, nurturing side, and maybe (can’t guarantee it) but maybe you’ll find that you’ll relax in general as well.


    1. Yeah Sally, i totally agree that this is to do with our mothering side..we are like this by nature. And we will be fine as long as we dont dwell on such thoughts πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your comment!


    2. And actually we mothers are better at it than the fathers !!! My father was better, but my husband is having a tough time, I tell u. πŸ™‚


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