Been reading about mommy guilt for a while. I thought that i’m above it… no mommy guilt for me!

I have done everything, taken major decisions of my life with her happiness and well being in mind. And if something happens otherwise, its beyond my control! I have done all that I possibly can. So be free from guilt and enjoy your moments together πŸ™‚ is what I’ve been saying to myself.

And, last Friday when dinner was late, she came up to me n said ‘I won’t eat mamma… i’m feeling sleepy’. I felt desperate. In fact, I shouted back… ‘you should have come up to me and said that you were hungry. I would have given you something to eat’.

Thats when it hit me… ‘Mommy guilt! this is it!!’

Now that i know, i’ve realized that its been there all the while… just that i didnt know the name ‘Mommy guilt!’