You had been saying ‘I’ll be only J ma’am’s friend’. And we were amused 🙂

You told your mamma that your teacher scolded you. When asked why, you didnt reply. When asked what she said … you said ‘sit in the class!’. Mamma was perplexed!!

Yesterday, we came to meet your teacher. We made sure to tell ayahmma to call her, so that you wont see us!

Ma’am came out, and just as she was about to say something, you peeped from behind her 😀 I’ve been smiling ever since just thinking of that scene 🙂 And she told us that you just stuck to her like fevicol ka majboot jod i would say! You would’nt let her go anywhere… not even to the office … it could have been ‘not even to the loo’ me thinks 🙂

And.. all the that you said made sense 😀

We just hope that you dont trouble her too much!