In these 6 years of being a mamma, I have realized that maska is a sure shot solution most of the times. It works like magic, where as aggression and flexing of the muscles just lead to an increased resolve to rebel! *Shudder to think of all the times that such situations went awry*

My dad’s constant advice has been… ‘Be assertive but not aggressive’. And, of late, I know that he is right… as with all other things of course!!

So… about the maska now 🙂

One evening, Ammu was very cranky, probably she was tired and hungry as well. A combo that i hate! I feel so miserable at such times!! Worry, anger, despair all creeping in at the same time 😦 This time i decided to do something different rather than get jittery. I just kept my cool and started … S for Soft, S for Smooth, and S for … (her name)! There was a momentary excitement in her eyes. I continued… S for Star, S for Super and then she came up with S for Sun! And so we went on for some time… adding some more adjectives that begin with S. I was successful in feeding her some bites… without much resistance. After a while though, she refused to have more.

Me*with some hope*: You don’t want to be smooth, soft, super?

She *confidence personified*: I am!!!

Well, needless to say, I melted with affection and pride all at once 🙂 The dinner session proceeded smoothly and finished with smiles and laughter! Dad was the happiest, for the fact that I had handled an inflammable situation very well!!

Thanks dad for the support that you’ve been … through the thick and thin!! This is not maska for dad 😉

P.S: On Father’s day, I made chicken biryani and chicken curry, thx to Ammu’s special request. She loves chicken curry, but this was the first time that she specifically asked for chiken biryani 🙂 We all got together for lunch, and gifted him a bouquet and a T shirt 🙂 Ammu had also made some cards for him, one at school and some more at home. All in all, we had a lovely day together!!