Shortcuts anyone?

Recently I have noticed a spate of posts that point to wrong usage of English that drives people up the wall! Well, I for one, am particular about the usage of words, context, spellings … 🙂

I feel that where language is concerned, each to his own. Meaning, if a person is passionate about the language and its usage, he/she will try, as far as possible, to use it correctly. For the rest, it becomes just another means of communication! And rules dont mean much… Of course, this could lead to a lot of confusion and other consequences… but then its another thing between the people that are concerned 😦 As long as i can understand what the other person is trying to say, I’m ok… it doesnt drive me up the wall.

What did astound me a while ago was this and this 😯 . The ban came as a shock but what shocked me even more was the fact that the use of SMS language in exams had been allowed until then! And the justification for its use by so many students!! I fail to understand, just what the students were thinking when they decided to use this in their answer sheets. I, in fact pity them, that they think they can save some time and energy by using this 😦 .They seem to have no idea what they can expect in the real world 😦

I just hope that they wake up and realize that shortcuts don’t usually take you anywhere!!

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  1. Sms lingo in exams! Never heard of it and am shocked to know this. And the stupid explanation that it saves time and energy!! Shortcuts won’t take us anywhere and more often than not, they ruin us.


  2. SMS Language for exams, u kidding!! Goodness!! 😦 😦

    I remember how we all used to make that extra effort not to write between as b/w or without as w/ or parallelly as II for an exam or a paper… and the three triangular dots for therefore… or some other sign for similarly and men and woman symbols respectively and so many others… !!!

    For universities and boards to think it write for an exam, absurdity of the first order, what were the rule makers thinking anyway :O

    Similar thoughts, I’ve got something on language too at PNA 🙂


  3. I didn’t know they used SMS language in exams. What is the world heading to? How will they learn the proper language if they do things like this? Sigh.


  4. SMS Language in exams… Thats horrible….
    I really get irritated when I see SMS language in our official mails. It seems so rude… 😦
    I try to correct but to no avail 😦


  5. how do they expect the evaluators to understand that lang???? n even i dont like it when it is used in office mails….absolutely irritating!


  6. Just imagine the plight of the teachers. First of all we are forced to take up the valuation work, evaluate a minimum of 120 scripts within 2 days, going to different cities leaving our small kids and family. And upon that we have to read their horrible handwriting(except a few ) and now the SMS language…

    I have decided that if ever I get such a script I will just mark Zero without reading its content.

    Its high time that the students understand the importance of proper usage of language.


  7. SMS language in exams is horrible!
    I am very particular about spellings and other things too. But, I do understand that communication is the key – when u r sending a short msg or keying in a personal mail.

    Official mails and exams – strict no-no!


    1. Yes.. that is what they need to understand that SMS language is for a specific purpose and that it cannot be used everywhere!
      I have seen people who get so used to this that they have to be very conscious in official emails and chats, lest this sms thing slips in 🙂


  8. Hmm. You have a point. But think of it from the kids’ perspective…for them its a natural thing. From the time they started learning their language, they have seen their elders (probably our generation which started the sms and chat lingo :D) use such text.

    I remember an elderly person once told me that he was shocked at people these days who use emails and smses instad of sending letters. But we find it so natural. Maybe its something similar for the kids. I don’t think we’l ever empathize with them 😀


    1. Yes…totally get what you are saying. But the difficulty is when it is taken to the extreme. I’m shocked becoz the sms language is not standardised for use in are they not putting themselves at risk, which is inevitable due to the inherent ambiguities?


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