Adi's first week at school!!!

Day 1: Mamma and baba took you to school. You knew that they’ll wait for you till your class gets over. You stayed in class, happily eating your chockies, unaffected by all the hullabaloo around you!!

Day 2: You were excited to go to school with didi! But you started crying the minute she left you near your class and went to hers. Didi didnt expect this. Back at home, she asked a confused me, why you couldn’t go to another school. And at bed time, confessed that she also cried coz you were crying. Poor baby.. what responsibility on her thin and fragile shoulders! 😳

Day 3: Baba got into the van to tell something to the driver uncle. And you started crying the moment you saw him getting down … you had been thinking that he’ll go with you 😦 Didi had taken a chocolate for you, as a precautionary measure. You quietened as soon as she gave it to you 🙂 But then, you again made a ‘sad smiley sob’ face when she left you near your class! Didi felt sad but didnt cry 😦

Day 4: Baba had learnt his lesson… he didnt get into the van. Didi escorted you to the class and when you both reached your class, you were’nt letting her go to hers. Didi felt sad for you but didnt cry. Your teacher told her not to escort you henceforth… she seemed relieved!!

Day 5: Didi made sure we tell the van uncle to escort you to your class. i didnt get the exact details but as per latest reports… you didnt cry today!! You just made a sad smiley face and told didi to go to her class! Yay!!! But you did susu in your pants… 😐 You insist that you told your teacher too. Maybe you need to be more vocal darling 🙂 You didnt know what to say to mamma. But thata says you were playing and susu came!.. urgent 🙂 Thata picks you from school… so he knows.

In the meantime, you’ve also been trying to convince mamma that ‘didi should sit with me only in my class’ and ‘I’m little big now… i’ll go n sit with didi… i’ll go with didi’s teacher!!!’. And also ‘I’ll go to bomma’s* class’… now, i seriously dunno what you’re thinking 😕

*For those who dont know… Bomma is me

All updates.. as told to me by didi, baba, thata and mamma!